Posted 2M ago by @BreezyCentella

Very sad #sedum #jellybean plant help

Please help, I left my jellybean plant over the weekend and came back and he's looking a little droopy 😒
It's beans keep falling off too, but moreso lately. Please help a failing plant mom 😭
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Sedum grow as ground cover, so they tend to go sideways. How do the leaves feel?
@Charli3Plant the leaves feel hard, they're not soft or transparent which I read isn't good if they are. What does growing as ground cover mean?
Something like this:
Ground cover is basically like a decorative planet to take up space and make it look pretty- they take up space on the ground. There you go! 🌱 also, make sure you’re not overwatering or under watering. Don’t just go by a schedule, make sure the plant needs the water before you water. πŸ‘
@BreezyCentella If the leaves are plump then the plant is hydrated. You could try increasing the amount of light to encourage it to grow up instead of out. It might be in the beginning stages of etiolation.
Do the leaves feel firm, dry, or mushy? Some types of Sedum are supposed to droop like that.