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Is this actually beneficial?
Occasionally I will move my plants to direct sunlight for a few hours while cleaning, but I’m curious if it actually gives them a growth boost or it’s just wishful thinking?

Their home is on top of the dresser in the second pic. #HappyPlants #PlantTherapy #NewPlantMom
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Definitely! Don’t you feel better when you get outside for a few minutes? Make sure they don’t get sunburned being in actual direct light for longer than a bit, but they will for sure appreciate a little sun bath.
Maybe leave them there for a couple days for real benefits but I’m sure they love what they get 😄
I think every little bit helps!
@Blau_Ozean thanks that makes more sense!
I agree with @Blau_Ozean Although the philodendron can take the lower light, it prefers a bright spot. You’ll notice faster growth if you leave them in the window sill also.

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