Posted 9M ago by @Shortie

Why is my asparagus fern browning?
During the warm months I keep it outside and it thrives. When it starts getting cool I bring it in and it doesn’t do so well. Does anybody know why this is or why it’s browning? #browing #
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
I checked to make sure, and it says Asparagus Ferns are pretty drought resistant, but the foliage can become yellow or brown in response to drought. So perhaps give it a little spritz of water
The same happened to mine. What I learned also is that the soil can be a little dry, but the foliage indeed needs to be moist. So try spraying a little water everyday on them. It’s also good to prune the parts that are brown. You could also put like a plastic bag over it so it can get moist. Give it a little air everyday tho.
Thank you so much!
Clip it it is winter worry about it in mid spring look at the tubulus roots will the last
Mine did the same just clip and give lot of water soil is too dry

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