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Inherited a lions tail agave recently and these pics are ...

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It’s sunburn from being exposed to sudden direct light. All plants need a light filter at first then slowly remove them especially if they were newly shipped.
I have it outdoors, in direct sun, south facing window, and we recently had a lot of rain in Phoenix.
Please consider other answers but to me it seems like it does not like direct light. If it was yellow-ish I would bet on overwatering, but that’s not the case. Maybe try having it elsewhere?
@Gustavo thank you! Yeah, I’m wondering about the light too. Maybe it’s just too intense direct and it needs the light more indirect! I wondered that as well πŸŒΏπŸ™πŸΌ
@Tealia please bear in mind I’m no expert, however all my plants prefer indirect light - actually planning on getting my first full on light plant soon - so I thought this might be it. humidity might be a factor too of course. I have been seeing brown spots in my calatheas due to low humidity where I live. When that happens I water them heavily and put them closed in a transparent box, so they can go through their cycle of recovering their leaves. Works wonders.
@Gustavo yep. Being in the desert I have a lot of options on direct light πŸ˜‚ but it gets hotttttt. This is my first try at agave. I inherited it from someone else who said it β€œhated” her. πŸ˜‚ trial and error! Haha
@Tealia hahahahaaha!! Got it 🀣 you will get it right though I’m sure! And be careful out there with the sun lol!
I had one that was inside and I moved it out for the summer (I live in Indiana). It looked bad for a while. Shriveled up and I thought it was you to die. I left it and it looks like a completely different plant now.
@pjnorman wowwww!!! So it eventually rebounded on its own? I have left mine in its spot wondering if it’s just adjusting to its new home. This gives me hope!
@AnthuriumQueen this makes a lot of sense. I’m not sure what light he was in before. Thank you!
@Tealia they need to be introduced to light unless left outdoors all year. It also depends on your geo location. I have two agaves going through sunburn on a few leaves but it’s nothing new. They’ll drop them and bounce back again once they acclimate again. I always make it a habit to inquire what lighting they were in before leaving with them so I can try to replicate it for them.