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Should I remove this Keiki?

I have had this orchid for some years now and noticed leaves growing at the top so never cut it and just left it be. It hasn’t flowered in some time but then now I’ve noticed there is roots and more leaves, should I remove it and if so how do I ensure it’ll carry on growing. Never done this before so nervous will damage it! Thank you! #PropagationStation #Keiki #OrchidLovers
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I think it looks big enough to cutπŸ€” I have heard 3 roots 3 inches. I don't have much experience, but I have cut and planted 2 keikis earlier that went well. I just put them in a small pot with orchid-mix (well, actually just bark and stuff I found outsideπŸ˜…) after I cut them. I think I didn't water them in the beginning, just misted the roots so they didn't get too wet.
Yes, she is ready to be on her own.
@MockingJay thank you! I’ll do it soon - do I need to do anything with the original plant that I cut it off?
@BeeBalm thank you! 😊
Just had to comment cuz this simply amazes me ! Welcome to #GregGang
I just love the way they grow like that! Creation is amazing!

I have opted to keep mine attached to each other for a more natural look! (That and I have a lot of plants and I don't need another oneπŸ˜†)
@PlantWishes no you don't need to do anything with the original plant that I know of. You can leave the stem, it might give more flowers or keikis later, or you can cut it all the way down if you want. You can give it some orchid fertilizer if you haven't already.
@MockingJay I have probably said it before, but wow, are the leaves on your orchids healthy and beautiful.
And @plantwishes: what Evelyn said. You probably do not plan to leave it there, the roots are long enough that they should sustain it and the earlier you cut it, the earlier the mother orchid can start to do her own thing again with 100% of its energy, so that you can have a new bloom next year. If you say, it hasn't flowered for some time, do you mean over a year? If so, a slight cool down during next autumn/ winter might help for next year's bloom.
@sarahsalith I just love that rationalization 🀣 It does look awesome though
Hi πŸ‘‹ Definitely agree with everyone that it’s time to seperate them. Miss Orchid Girl has a really good tutorial that you might find helpful
@MotherOfOrchids thank you! I’ll take a look!
@MusicalRedmint thank you. I’m not sure how long it’s been. If it’s not already been a year it is coming close to it.
I wish you the prettiest bloom show next spring.