Posted 3w ago by @New_Plant_Mama

Is this guy rooting?
Do I need to do anything? I’ve never seen this so I’m excited but idk for what. Hahah!
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
My kalanchoe did this when the potted roots were rotted and it was trying to survive. You'll want to check whats below the soil.
I know that succulents usually drop leaves at the base, but if they dropped all in a short period, it might be root rot. The leaves that fall or are rotting will feel mushy and water-filled.
The roots look fine to me…?I didn’t completely move the soil because they look good. I could be wrong?
I always break the dirt down so I can check the stem of the plant. Can't hurt.
@New_Plant_Mama Ariel roots on a succulent can happen for number of reasons it can mean that it's looking for water, it can also mean that it's looking for more sun, it could be trying to stabilize its self in the pot because it's to tall for the root structure - or it can also mean there's something wrong with the roots below and it's trying to save itself.

Is that the same soil/pot that you got the plant in when you purchased it? If so it's always a good idea to repot it anyway because nursery soil is not the best quality and the plastic pot should be replace with pourus one like terricotta.

After a repot, you'll be able to take a good look at the roots and make a better assessment.
@New_Plant_Mama also I don't think your plant is an Aeonium, looks like possibly an Echeveria Black Knight - in which case the stem of that plant it's not usually so exposed above the soil which is why it's probably rooting... Did it have lots of lower leaves drop recently that left the stem exposed?

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