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Question for those who have successfully propagated aglaonema
Does the cutting need to be at the stem (red) or can it be cut where the leaves divide (green) ? Its for a cutting from someone else’s plant, and I dont want to disfigure it. The stems are also very thick and mature so might be hard to cut. (The photo is from google, it is not the plant in question) Thanks in advance :)
I have broken aglaonemas before and propagated them. I have always broken the younger, more flexible stems and popped them in the soil.

However, I did chop and prop a Ti plant with an older, stiff trunk and it's growing really well.

wherever you decide to cut, I would leave a good few inches for the rooted stem to be able to sprout more growth.

These are the tops of my Aglaonemas. I'm too afraid to pull them out to look at the roots. 
@sarahsalith if I were to cut from the green line, do you think it would work at all?
Yes- but I would suggest having enough space to insert into the soil so you might have to strip the bottom leaves.
@sarahsalith thank you!
You're welcome. ☺️ I'm excited to see your new plant soon!
@sarahsalith hoping they will let me take a cutting. 🤞 still waiting to hear back, but want to be prepared haha

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