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How can I encourage sprouts?
Was given these cuttings of a string of hearts, they are in recently watered soil and its is slow drying wth some of the leaves turn mushy so I put them in direct sun. I think i see a sprout, or a weed (we will see). Should I change the soil they're in/on? #stringofhearts #propagationstation
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
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@pettiteplants I use succulent soil for my SOH, SOT, SOP. ts fast draining and they don't like lots of water.
@AmusingEndive thank you! It came so wet, I almost feel it was overwatwred upon arrival. Ill repot in succ soil if it doesn't dry up!
If it came wet I’d go ahead and repot it now. Letting it sit in soggy soil could ruin the current root system is has and won’t encourage new growth. Mine loves sunny spots but not direct sunlight. I let it dry out before watering again and I’ve had no problems. One thing I’ve realized is that unlike SOT the SOH don’t do well in humidity
To get it to root it will appreciate humidity. Use well draining soil for sure. I usually put all my cuttings on top, water it well (which also helps to kind of seat them in the soil), cover it with Saran Wrap or a cloche, then set it on a windowsill and wait until vines are trying to escape. At that point it’s all rooted and treat it like normal - letting it dry out totally and then soaking it. They like to get good and dry.

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