Posted 2M ago by @GooseandFerd

Small leaves on mature ficus tineke

#Ficus hello! My ficus tineke had been doing super well, with two of the branches putting normal leaves out but my tallest branch just put this out… any ideas? Third photo is of new growth on another branch. Is it normal to have a small one? I haven’t changed anything!
0ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Hi! It’s normal to have a small one sometimes on a branch that’s not the original stem. Usually they will get successively larger as it produces more.
So pretty !🥰❤️🌱
@BabeVila thank you! This may be its first leaf in the new house too but can’t be sure. Hopefully it’ll keep growing! Thanks!
@GooseandFerd You’re welcome! This is my newest leaf on my ficus burgundy, to put you at ease 🤗🩷
@BabeVila awww hahah thank you!