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How to get red secret to shine and in a deep red color
I’ve seen some amazing red secrets that look holographic even and in a deep red shade. Any tips? #alocasiaCuprea
12ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
Usually, more light gives more vibrant color. 12ft to a N/E window is a bit far - try moving it closer!
@Nataleaf thanks for your input Natalie! It’s 12ft away from the window but it’s also under a grow light. I’m curious as to why that doesn’t show in the stats on this app for each plant—shouldn’t it make a huge difference whether or not it’s under a grow light? Or should I measure it from plant to grow light instead of plant to window?
@AliceSFC I didn’t even think to ask! My mistake - I’m sure grow lights are sufficient. I based my advice on many of my own plants, but I don’t grow aroids. I hope someone else can chime in with better advice for you🤞🏻
@Nataleaf and @AliceSFC this is a good point - we could probably make it clearer upfront when someone has their plants under a grow light, since that definitely would be a bigger factor than distance to a window. I’ll add the #GregFeedback tag so we can keep track of this :)

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