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This is an anthurium clarinervium root. My cat happened to scratch the pot and destroyed all the leaves. The root is alive and I've been keeping it in spaghnum for quite a few months without any success. How to revive it and compel the root to shoot.
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Buy a fish tank with led lights on the cover. Line the bottom with long Sphagnum moss and a little tropical plant soil plus premium orchid bark. Add a half cup of water. Plant the chonk in the medium and spritz with water. Cover with tank lid then Saran Wrap the tank so no humidity will escape. Plug in lights and leave it alone for about a month. You may not see anything but anthuriums are slow growers when it comes to roots. If you have a viable node, you should see something in about two - four months. Your moss may turn green and it may get foggy in there. It’s normal. Check on it every few weeks and if it stops being cloudy in the tank, add more water. Then Saran Wrap it again. Be patient. It took me 3 -4 months to go from a rootless chonk to big beautiful leaves like these. There’s always hope. And yes, I have a few nodes of black gold Melano in the tank now. ☺️
Welcome to Greg, Pawan! I'm sorry about your plant.

Is your plant just the root or is it the roots and the base of the stem? If it's just a root, there might not be anything you can do. Was it in moss before the cat decided to turn it into a scratching pot?

If it was in soil and it is more that just a root, I'd put it back in the soil. The moss looks kinda dry and I know anthuriums aren't fans of drying out.
Cats 🐈 πŸ₯ΉπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚️
@sarahsalith thanks for your concern.
It's just the roots. But a think root like tuber.
The spaghnum is not dry. Let me put it in soil and update you. I know it may take a lot of time.
@FastGasplant I hope it works. That would be wonderful! 🌱🌱🌱

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