Posted 2Y ago by @TitanicTwister

My plant is turning brown and dropping needles. Too mu...

20” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
Oo, I have the same thing occurring now but with some new green shoots coming out. I water mine about every 8 days and it’s in a spot which receives sun for a couple hours…. Mayb too much sun?? Drying him out? Does the soil dry out between watering?
I would say it’s because it’s inside. It needs more humidity.
I agree with @Niginchen. This is an outside plant. Giving it more sun and more water - water it throughly since you have drainage. This should help. The soil should be fast-draining and slightly acidic.

They really need as much sun as possible and they don't like to be in the shade. They also don't like hot hot summers. 😬