Posted 1M ago by @MeekKiwifruit

Does anyone know what my other plant is?
I just got these guys in the mail. I ordered the silver squirrel and the other little guy came along with. Usually the seller leaves me a note to let me know what I got but this time it's a mystery.
4” pot
Last watered 2 days ago
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here’s a photo of a pickle plant, i think from the pic it has the same markings?
@MeekKiwifruit to me it looks like a type of snake plant. Finding out the type is the next thing @kscape is really good with plants. But I’m gonna post a pic of a monk orchid as well. It looks similar to it as well.
it looks like a pickle plant to me! Kleinia Stapeliiformis :) what do you think @KikiGoldblatt?
The other guy is called a ‘pickle plant succulent’ if you are referring to the first image :)

also known as kleinia stapeliiformis…
@sydfog That looks like hime but bigger!! Thank you!
@MeekKiwifruit of course! glad to help :)

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