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I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Bottom leaves are dying but top leaves are curling and browning. Watering too much or not enough?
Here’s a photo.
How much light is it getting?
@RJG it’s about 5 feet from a window with filtered afternoon sun.
Add humidity, not water in pot, I think additional moisture in air will help but to be honest it looks ok!
@Starryeyedlady your Dieffenbachia looks good to me. I don’t give mine extra humidity at all. Mine are thriving well in 46% humidity.

Leaves have brown tips — Brown tips on your dieffenbachia's leaves could be caused by uneven watering. Keep your watering practices a little more regular and never let your plant sit in water. Leaves are curled with brown edges — Curled, browning leaves could be caused by excessive fertilizer application.
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If I may say, it looks SO MUCH BETTER than on your plant card!

It takes time for plants to readjust to good care. They can go off the deep-end fast, but when they are recovering, it will require patience. For me, I sometimes take a picture when I water and I can look back at the pictures and see the plant's progress.

Your plant looks really good. Those bottom leaves are spent and that's okay. You can gently pull them down and off or cut them off. I'll show you a picture of my plant when I finish here.

When the plants lose their bottom leaves, the new growth comes from the top and the plant gets taller. Mine is about 4 feet tall without the stand.

The type of dieffenbachia you have is going to be lighter in color - less green more cream. (:
With every yellow leaf I strip off, the plant gets taller. (:
Have you repotted it? Could be starting to become rootbound

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