Posted 1M ago by @ZestKippernut

It starting to turn brown
4” pot
Last watered 4 weeks ago
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Is the brown crispy or soft? It could be watering or water retention but the card also says it’s in direct light. If the leaves are brown and not crispy it’s likely to be overwatering, if they are- you should consider watering more or moving it back to get a little less light.
Make sure the pot has drainage and water in a routine, the browning leaves could be from the burn in the water, leave a container with water out for 24 hours to let the chemicals evaporate
The leaves are crisp not soft
@ZestKippernut likely it’s drying out too much or getting too much light. I’d increase watering a bit or move it so it’s still in a bright spot but maybe gets a little less direct light in a day! 😊
Thanks 😊
Mine gets the crispy leaves when I don't water it enough and/or the air in my house is dry.
@ZestKippernut I agree with @Morrigani as well. They also love humidity so I have been misting mine daily sometimes twice daily.

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