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What have I done!?

So this poor old plant, (philodendron) I found it beside a dumpster at my old job. Took it home and it was doing fine. This winter I think it didn't get enough light or water, and lost most of its leaves, then I left it outside overnight (stupid me) and the remaining leaves it had at the top froze. As you can see there were some in the center that made it, and so the plant lives on. I feel so bad, because it looks like it did well for many years.
My question is - should I trim off the stalks from where the leaves were growing? Will new leaves sprout from those again, or trim it back to the base?

Thanks yall!
12” pot
Last watered 2 years ago
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Oh my word- is that a philodendron? Could it be a Tree Philodendron?

Do you have any pictures before it looked like this?
It is probably not an evergreen, so it loses it’s leaves in the winter. This is perfectly natural, and doesn’t harm the plant. The frost probably did some damage, but the leaf was going to fall off anyway. After the leaves fall off, the plant will have tons of new growth, like it is experiencing now. Hope this helps :)
it’s probably just cold damage! many plants come back from getting frozen almost completely so just treat this guy like you normally do :)
It looks kind of like an impatient. I agree that there might have been some weather damage but it looks like it has a solid trunk. If there is new growth, it’s fighting to live. Just don’t make any extreme changes in its environment.
Yes it is a philodendron. "Little hope" I think.
I would leave it the way it is till it stay starts putting back out more. I wouldn't put anymore stress on it right now.
@DeanJuniper That's what I ended up's starting to come back now from the base.