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String of Buttons keeps withering from the bottom up! I'm having no luck w/ this plant. Do they need super high light??
4โ€ pot
Last watered 3 months ago
i keep mine pretty much in direct light almost all day. I also water it about every 1-2 weeks! from what iโ€™m seeing you havenโ€™t watered it in a hot minute (greg says 3 months) but i know those arenโ€™t always accurate. if it is tho, you might need to gradually start to water it a bit more! donโ€™t start with too much right away as that might hurt more than help ๐Ÿ˜…
If that doesnโ€™t seem to be the case, iโ€™d repot it in itโ€™s own pot. I keep mine in a stone pot (at least i think it is) with a 4:1 mix of regular soil and succulent soil respectively. seems to be doing alright!
much luck to you!! let me know if ya have any questions!
Hey! My older one looks funky at the bottom but fine at the top. But yes they do like full sun. But not right away if it hadn't been getting it already.
Good luck! Yours has a pretty color to it!
Oh, I water it every other week typically. I don't pay for that premium Greg lol.
I think I'll repot it and replace it with something else? It just keeps shrivelling ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I keep mine in a west facing window that gets 6+ hours of direct light and find I do have to water it slightly more often than my other succs, despite how thick the leaves are... (It's just in regular succulent soil and a terracotta pot.)
@WickedValkyrie I don't have any windows that get direct sunlight but I may be able to make a grow light happen! My other succulents are getting leggyyy
Yes you definitely need more light if they're getting leggy! You can buy UV bulbs fairly cheap and stick them into any old light fixture like a lamp, etc! I have a friend who replaced all of the bulbs in her house with UV/grow bulbs! Lol

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