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Hoya help
Hi, I just found this guy at a nursery. I’m not sure what to look for (in terms of nursery pests). I sprayed it down with neem oil when I got home. He was super dry and some of the leaves look like they are splitting. Is this a pest sign or just badly taken care of at the nursery? Thanks in advance!!
My guess is maybe lack of proper care and/or over interest from passers by…? That split looks like an β€œis this real?” injury, to me πŸ˜‚ Do the rest of the leaves look like that one?
Looks like normal wear and tear and kinda of neglect too. Hoyas love light so I would wipe it down w water to get the neem off and place in a bright place
@PlantHobby - 4th picture shows full plant. Not all are broken and I’ll admit I accidentally knocked 1 or 2 off as I was carrying it around and juggling things in my basket.
@jcPlantProper - oh, I never wiped neem oil off. I had no idea you were supposed to do that. Thanks!
@Lynnja only cause it can burn a plant when in the sun!

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