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Curled leaves?
#Pilea #PileaPeperomioides hey #GregGang I have this pilea that started to have curled leaves that I just noticed today? I have 60%-80% humidity and a grow light and the soil seems moist, but would anyone have an idea of what’s happening? @Kiersten my plant expert goddess, would you have any insight?
20ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
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@ShinyBudew Yes! They like a little bit of humidity, but don’t like to be consistently wet. Before I gave mine away, I used a skewer to see how humid and wet the soil would be.

I had mine in regular potting mix with more perlite than usual and it thrived. I only watered it when the top 3 inches of soil were dry and then the soil would be moist for 3 days and then be somewhat dry between watering.

Try moving it away from the humidifier for a few days and see if the leaves firm out a little :)
It could be that the plant is receiving too much humidity, especially if the soil is still moist after being watered 6 days ago, according to your plant card 😊🌱
@kscape would you say move it temporarily until it dries out? :O
Curling pilea leaves can also be caused by insufficient light. I would place it close to a window with bright indirect light. My pilea likes a little sun during the day.
@Pegster sadly my apartments have these screens that have 75% shade blockage and awkward windows :( but I’ll see if I can get more sun or light for it!
My guess is that this is a watering thing as well! Can you share a pic of the leaves?
@Kiersten silly me forgot to add that hahaha btw would you also know about these small brown leaves??
The soil in the container looks wet to me. Try the skewer method to be sure if it’s truly dry down into the soil and not just towards the top.
@TruthfulApricot yeah it feels heavy and looks really moist, I’ll find a skewer or chopstick and test it out to be double sure!

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