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Will an outdoor hibiscus come back after a freeze? It's l...

14” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Oh, no! Can you move it inside? 😬
How long was it in the freeze?
It was put into the garage whenever a freeze was predicted, but it's just not coming back now that's it's warm and sunny
She’s not totally gone I see green leaves. If one does freeze all the way I wonder if you could propagate the roots? I have 2 that I took to Montana from my home state Texas, they froze big time! I still have them in the pots and the root system is huge, do you know if you can propagate hibiscus?
Unfortunately that picture was from the's got zero green now until you get almost to soil level. I trimmed it way down and we'll see what happens.
@RespectableCorn I have one that went into shock after a storm blew it over. It was healthy and I found it on the ground after a huge rain storm one night, I picked it up and actually re-potted it in a larger container and put some fertilizer in the new soil. Then all of the leaves died. It looks like the stem of the plant is still alive so I might do some aggressive pruning but it’s a fickle little plant
Current status: πŸ‚β˜ΉοΈ
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