Posted 2w ago by @lilliandxrson

Can i save this plant?
Left this in my parents care and i’m not sure if there’s some kind of pest on it with the whiteness? Any advice
I'm not really sure. But just In case spray it and the top soil with alcohol and wipe the petals the petals stem down thoroughly but gently and repeat I'm a week. No direct sun though until min 3 days after last dose of alcohol bc they are susceptible to sunburn twice as fast and easy. But seems find to me. I spray all my plants anyways and it's only thing that keeps Ugh away
Doesn't look like a pest but it looks like the plant has lost a lot of leaves recently. Check the soil and the roots, maybe they over watered it
I think it looks fine, the ‘bark’ will change colour under stress I think but your leaves look fine and healthy so I wouldn’t worry.
Welcome to Greg, Lils! Your Jade looks like it may have been overwatered or underwatered at one point and I'm wondering how much sun it's been getting.

I would pull it from the ceramic pot and make sure there isn't water sitting in the bottom.

If you can get a picture of what looks like a pest, perhaps we can help identify it if there is one. It could also be mold.

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