Posted 1w ago by @Indoorgreens

So my pepper plant not doing so good I tried #repotting neam oil dawn soapy dip n alcolhol last resort keep losing leaves idk what else to do #spidermites ugh 😩
They they devil I tell u lol
Oh no!! Can we see it??
Have you cleaned the roots?
@jcPlantProper 😩
@Indoorgreens it doesn’t looks HORRIBLE. is it living outside?
@Indoorgreens is it outdoors or indoors ?
@jcPlantProper @Herbalgreen25 it’s indoors
@Indoorgreens well it’s normal for pepper plants to lose some leafs when brought inside to be over wintered. Just keep it alive. Near a window for sunlight or under some grow lights & water when completely dry. It will bounce back in the spring time. She is doing awesome though

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