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What’s happening with my #PeaceLily?
I got it recently, repotted and moved it a bit closer to the window. it was doing fine for a week or so. Then today I found it droopy and deflated. can I save it?
It might be in shock from the repot. It can go on for a week or three.

When was the last time it was watered and what kind of light is it getting? It doesn't appreciate direct light.
@Mezizany I agree with @sarahsalith When was it last watered. Also plant shock too. Plus it could be getting too much sun as well.

Light. Peace Lilies can live in low to bright, indirect sunlight. They're the perfect plant to bring life to a dark room or corner. Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight may burn and scorch their leaves and dry out their flowers.
Thank you both! Watered 7 days ago. indirect light most of the day. No direct light comes thru.
I agree with @KikiGoldblatt and @sarahsalith. Also they do not like their soil to completely dry out.
My peace lily is so dramatic. It looks like a combo of repot shock and that it needs water! Should perk back up in a few days
I think it looks like it just needs water. They are thirsty and dramatic about it. Haha! Both my queens like to be watered about every four days.
This is the photo I wanted to share. It’s literally a couple hours difference of my smaller one before and after watering….like two cups.
Yes! They are so dramatic! lol I tell Margo she is such a drama queen. But at least she tells me when she's thirsty so I don't have to guess.
I gave her some water and she’s starting to perk up. Thanks all for the helps.
Whenever you re-pot a plant always place it where it was the first time.And if you just got it leave it in its original pot tor about 3 weeks this plant never needs direct sunlight.
Thanks Anytime
@ExoticWychelm yes, thank you so much!

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