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Sos bamboo
Sos. I dont know whats wrong with my bamboo. I have it in water only.
I cut it in two seeing as it was too long, maybe that was a mistake? How to a stop it from dying?? #LuckyBamboo #helpneeded
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Once the stalk is turning yellow, it will not recover. You will have to cut the yellow section off in order to save the remaining part of the healthy stalk. A stalk can be turning yellow from the top down or from the bottom up.

I used to have a lucky bamboo but it ended up dying on me. Itโ€™s turned yellow and then brown. It was not salvageable.

Here is a YouTube link that might be helpful:
Mine turned yellow when I needed to 1. Put less water in its dish. 2. Changed out the rocks I had it set on top of.
Mine also started getting little blisters on the stem. Once I changed those things the blisters browned and the yellowing stopped spreading but has not gone away. This was a few weeks ago. If kristy is correct then I need to lob off the top of mine. ๐Ÿฅบ
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I had similar trouble with my Bamboo thatโ€™s in water. I started regularly changing the water and I purchased bottled water. I or you can use rain water. I donโ€™t think this plant likes the minerals, chlorine, sodium (and etc.), in the water. Be careful of bottled water with additives in them. I hope this help.
I use distilled water. Mine is in water and rocks . I was told by someone (don't remember who) not to put water higher than what will cover the roots because the plant doesn't like it. I haven't had mine very long but so far she's fine. Good luck! I'm a newbie but @KikiGoldblatt gives great advice.๐Ÿ˜Š

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