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Moana got repotted, root washing, new soil, and some refreshing seltzer… but I’m worried…
#Anthurium #PaintersPalette help?
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Did it look like this before you washed the roots? The roots are the most delicate part of a plant and they do not like to be disturbed.

I'm afraid your plant is in shock. Perhaps it just needs to be left alone for a while to recover.

When I repot my plants, I try to disturb the plants as little as possible.
@sarahsalith it looked worse :( I’m just going to sing her songs and tell her I love her, and hope for the best… thanks for the advice!
Okay- these plants cannot stand to dry out ... ever. Apparently, I marked my plant as watered instead of snoozing it and it dried out.

Brace yourself. I'm going to show you a picture of my plant. I have not trimmed it back yet.
Here's my plant. What I'll do it cut off the leaves as low to the soil as I can and I will allow it to grow back over winter. (:
@sarahsalith 😍😍😍😍
@sarahsalith Sarah, it doesn’t look as bad as you sounded! I have a tiny one of these, an African Mask, just 2 little leaves, I got it at a new plant shop. I will have to make sure I water it frequently. So far I have kept its little bit of soil at least somewhat moist. (Btw I have finally started putting pictures on my oasis beyond the 1 plant.)
@AC73LoveCats you sago is INCREDIBLE!
@sarahsalith Thank you thank you! When I got it at Home Depot a few years ago it just had the first row of fronds. I had it at work in a sunny window when it started the next row and we marveled at watching the uncurling. Then I took it home and while inside last winter, that really tall row started up. This summer in the sun it is growing like it thinks it is in the tropics (we are in the (“tropics” of southwestern Ohio) and wants to become a “real tree”! I don’t know where I will put it when I bring it in….but it apparently loves me and is really happy!

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