Posted 6d ago by @SubTrop

My cactus is wrinkly. Any advice?
It has been a lot hotter here recently.
Best Answer
I wouldn’t pot up, the pot size is great! Just give her a long #ButtChug (bottom water) the soil may have become hydrophobic so a top watering will just run rigy through the soil and not actually be absorbed. To make the soil absorb water again, place the pot in a saucer of water and leave it to soak up. Keep topping up the saucer until you see the top of your soil turning dark. I’ve had this take a few hours so you may need to keep an eye on it. The soil will be fully hydrated again and your cactus can finally drink up 😊 very pretty cactus btw!
Water! It looks thirsty and it looks like it could use some light 🤗
Maybe a bigger pot do it doesn’t dry out so quickly?

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