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Help with monstera stems
Hi! My monstera has these dead stems (is that the right word?). Im not sure why. It had these when i got her a few weeks ago. One new leaf started to sprout from the one dead stem, but the others don't seem to be having any changes. Should I cut them at the base? Or leave them? Or something else.

Pic of the dead stems in pic 1. Pic of the new leaf sprouting in pic 2.
2ft to light, direct
13” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
I would leave them! New leaves can continue to emerge from them sometimes, and they are pretty calloused over so no need to worry about rot or anything like that. Sometimes they will shrivel up on their own as well, but they aren’t hurting anything! Cutting them down could actually risk harming the healthy stems attached to them.
I don't personally see anything dead on this plant. Sometimes you just need to be patient. (:
Don’t cut this!

cutting this could expose it to some bacteria! it’s great that it looks ‘dead’ lol, the black at the end means it’s callusing so it can focus on pushing out a new node!

your plant is doing great! @NewGrowth has some great advice!

here’s an example on my monstera :)
Awesome, thank you so so much! I will leave them :)

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