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Somethings wrong with my Parlour Palm 😶
Hello all! This is Winston the Parlour Palm. He’s the first plant that I’ve started with in late January, and the leaves have been sprouting and growing very well. I water him based on Greg’s recommendations and I rotate the pot to get even light and growth.

However with autumn and winter beginning to roll in, my husband and I have started to use the heater more often, which I think makes the room dry. I’ve noticed what appears to be dead leaves and stems on one little section of the plant that feel dry to the touch. The base of the dead leaves and stems is dark brown, apart from a new sprout of leaves coming through the top, so I’m not quiet sure if the whole part of that base is dead.

Apart from that section of the plant, the rest of the leaves are fine, and I’ve now started to use a misting spray on Winston each morning, which I think is working for the rest of the healthy leaves and stems.

Will I need to trim the dead leaves off in order to help keep the plant healthy and tidy? And if so, how much do I trim off so I don’t cause damage?

Any other suggestions will be helpful too, thank you in advance 🙂 #ParlourPalm
2ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@user51d3c398 Those could be the oldest leaves dying off or that part of the plant wasn’t getting enough water. I suggest trimming it back with sterilized scissors or pruners, sterilize them first by using rubbing alcohol. Cut back only the dead parts of the palm. My majesty Palm I had to do the same thing too. Oh and they love 💕 humidity. I also suggest spritzing it daily or get a humidifier to help with the humidity.

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