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More Croton care!
Hi! My croton has improved significantly last time I've asked about it. It's still not up to optimal health though, I'm thinking maybe the pot is too big, which is what someone else said on the last post I made I just can't find it ^^,,, I will repot it if necessary, I'm thinking it may have some rotting roots from the past I need to clear out and sanitize so it will be coming out of the pot either way unless you all advise against that! :)
3ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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It’s not advisable to move plants into pots more than a 2in difference at a time, I’d move into a six inch and let him flourish in that for a a few months! I’ve never personally done this but I know you can bake the soil in the oven for about 30 mins and that will kill bacteria, I’d also do a good cleaning of the pot as terracottas are very absorbing!
He’s looking so good! Downsizing in a pot would help, if you do repot it will need new soil for sure for the old soil will carry the old bacteria, sanitizing the roots and cutting off any bad roots!!
@Mrgncrch Thank you! I was so excited to finally see him stand back up🤍 Is there anyway I could sanitize the soil for future use? What size would you reccomend moving it to?
@Mrgncrch Awesome!!! Thank you🤍
@rynroxx I can’t wait to see him flourish!!

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