Posted 6M ago by @fairyofthevalley

Is this the correct identification for this plant?
3ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
@fairyofthevalley it’s a tricolor Wandering Jew β€œZebrina”
I think it is correct.
I believe this is a tradescantia nanouk not a Zebrina
Maybe this will help. It does look like a type of Tradescantia, but I’m not 100% sure it’s a zebrina or nanouk. I have a bunch of Tradescantias & don’t have any quite like this one. It’s pretty!
Check out # 9-13, I kind of think it’s one of those babies.
@angi Thank you!! I'm temporarily taking care of it for my mom and I love it. She said it was labeled as a "rainbow" something when she got it. I do think it looks like a smol version of #9!
@fairyofthevalley @RJG it’s really hard to tell. Google Lens labels it as a Zebrina aka Wandering Jew.
@angi I agree this one is pretty 🀩
@angi that's my favorite picture in my plant folder on my phone. I pull it up waaayyy too often. πŸ˜‰

I'm siding with @RJG on this one. It's definitely a Tradescantia and I think it's a Nanouk.
@KikisOasis Google often isn't as specific as it could be. Wandering Jews are a blanket name for Zebrinas which are Tradescantias. Then you have all the secondary names.

My plant has more pink because it sits right under a grow light. It used to be more white than pink.
@sarahsalith wow yours is beautiful. I went to Etsy to try to figure it out as well. They are a bit confusing to me.
@angi @sarahsalith @KikisOasis look what's coming up in the yard post last freeze of the year (i ran out of mulch) #RJGsYard
@KikisOasis but they are lovely. (: ☺️ One would look amazing in your oasis!
@RJG those Purple Hearts are BEASTS! They NEVER quit. Even in the Mid South, it can freeze and snow, and lo and behold, purple will start appearing in the flower bed.

We keep these in the flower bed at work because they survive even with so much neglect!! They get long and gangly, we just cut them and stick them right back in the ground. They are so hard to kill.
@RJG whoa! One of the reasons I love Tradescantias they’re survivors & will just grow & grow if you let them.
@sarahsalith @angi yah they're indestructible basically. grow like a weed. a very pretty weed. πŸ₯°
@sarahsalith that’s on my wish list. Waiting on the nursery to get them in.
@KikisOasis what's your favorite local nursery out there in East Tennessee?
@sarahsalith Willow Ridge in Oak Ridge.
@KikisOasis I'll have to keep it in mind when I head that'a way. (: I love small businesses!
@sarahsalith so do I. I always try to do business with small businesses. :)

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