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#Alocasia & #Syngonium: mining for nuggets of advice!! πŸŒΏπŸ“¦
I’m dipping my toes in the water with my first-ever Alocasia and Syngonium! But I’m feeling pretty intimidated with these new plants and I’m hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction! Any advice or tips to at least make sure they’ll survive? πŸ˜… Would really appreciate it πŸ’šπŸ€ž #SyngoniumPodophyllumNeonRobusta #AlocasiaRegalShield #AlocasiaAddicts #SyngoniumSquad
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Syngoniums are so freaking easy dude. Like, pothos level easy. Does well in most lighting as long as it's not direct sun. Does fine if you skip a watering or two. Doesn't have humidity needs. They just vibe and grow like weeds.
The Syngonium is easy! Such a pretty plant. I have mine in a north window and it’s doing beautifully. Moderate indirect light. No direct, it’ll burn the leaves. Water when the top 2 inches is dry!
The alocasia: GOOD LUCK. they hate me.
@Kaleyeeaah cool thanks!! will keep that in mind for the syngonium! oh lord now i’m scared for this alocasia haha 😩
@lazyplantparent it just had an attitude for me. Everything I did seemed wrong. Just finicky
@discreetwildyam oooh that’s a relief thanks!! πŸ₯³
I agree with everyone about the syngonium!

I just got my first alocasia and have been having good luck 🀞🏼 mine is in a NW window without direct light, sitting in a pebble tray.
Somehow I've always avoided getting a syngonium, thinking they would be difficult... now seeing this post, I think a syngonium is in my future!
@ManyLime Get. One. Now. Peer pressure! πŸ˜† They really are completely underrated. Like just as easy as a pothos. They're cool with just about anything.
Alocasia are tricky until you come to the realization that they really do want to be watered more frequently than most other aroids. They also love sun and light.

Once I started watering mine correctly they stopped dropping leaves and turning yellow.

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