Posted 1Y ago by @BigPlant

Hi #greggang! I don't know how often to water my Taylor. ...

3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
1Y ago
Greg usually has a pretty good estimate, but be sure to always check the soil before you water. If you find that the soil still feels moist, go ahead and snooze the watering on your plant profile. This will help the Greg ai learn your plant’s watering routine and over time it should become more accurate ^^
I like to think of "Watering" reminders as "does you plant need to be watered" reminders. I will still check my soil before I water.

I stick my finger in the soil to see how dry it is before I water. Sometimes, I can just lift the pot to see how heavy it is and that can give me a good estimate on whether I should water on not.

When you don't want to water, hit "snooze" and Greg will remind you in three days to check your plant.