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Lighting or pests?

Insects or lack of sun or both?
So this is my goldfish plant that I have had for maybe 9 months. About 3-4 months back I started suspecting spider mites because it just looked very dry and dusty and cobwebs in the upper portion above the dirt. I started misting the leaves and sprayed the whole plant with water and the cobwebs and dust are gone. I also quarantined in my bathroom which has lower light, spraying periodically with neem oil, and removed about 100 leaves with dark spots or sections missing from insect damage. I don’t know if the damage was recent, couldd have been from last summer when it lived outside. Now still in the bathroom on lockdown for everyone’s safety, I am seeing a red and pale color in the new leaf growth, and occasional white specs. Do we still have insects? Are all pests visible to the naked eye or do I really need to need a microscope??? #GoldfishPlant #GuppyPlant #PestControl #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #help #helpneeded
0ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I don't think it's a pest issue, I think it might just be a fungal issue. Are you watering when it is completely dry? Have you inspected the roots yet?
@GreenThumbSC Yes, I am waiting till the soil is fairly dry to water. Maybe there was a fungal issue and I just didn’t recognize it. If it was fungus I think that issue has improved. This plant just has me paranoid. lol.
Not related to your post, but how long did it take for your #guppyplant to get that size? The one I got from #stevesleaves is growing taller, but not fuller.
For mold soil I use couple drops for dawn dish soap in a spray bottle & keep plant in sun & it always improved .