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Hi I just got my little guy today

One of Emerson’s leaves is like pale green and squishy and very movable, what should I do?
1ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I would recommend to just prune it off. Im unsure if its frost damage but when i had my succulent out accidentally for one cold night, some of the leaves looked like that. All I did was prune them off so it didnt spread to the rest of the plant - and it worked. Hopefully this helps gl
Yes, I remove all the leaves like this because they will die anyway.
Hey! It seems like Emerson may have been overwatered. Usually plump, squishy, icky looking yellow and translucent leaves are an easy sign of too much watering.
Some steps you can take to make sure it’s not rotted and to help it are as follows:

1. Remove it from the soil and check for signs of rot in the roots and stem

2. Remove any roots and leaves that appear brown, mushy, or pull away with just a gentle tug.

3. repot the plant in a new pot with a good drainage hole and fresh, draining dry soil.

4. Then be sure to put it in a bright, sunny windowsill. Don’t water the succulent until it shows signs of thirst (wrinkled leaves and a less full appearance and also very dry soil throughout the pot)

And here’s an example of another overwatered succulent so you can see what those leaves look like in comparison to yours:
@itsjordan actually I accidentally left it in my car while I was at work for 8 hours. When I came back it looked like that