Posted 1Y ago by @Jamilea

Is there a way to switch the main photo of a plant with out erasing what was there?
I want to track the growth progress but also have the most current picture as the main photo.
Yes! You have to add the picture BOTH as an update, and then change the profile photo in your oasis.
I haven’t found a way ether. If you do let me know. ☺️
@Somelady hmmmm not sure what I’m doing wrong. I updated them change the profile photo and now the original@photo is gone and I just have the new one. I even chose from photo album for the new one.
Sorry- I meant to post instructions but couldn’t figure out how to navigate back to this thread. #GregFeedback
To add a “moment “ go to You > click the plant > click the camera at the base of the profile photo. There you can upload a new photo, tag it as needed and it’s tied to the plant.
You can also click the plus “+” in the middle of the bottom menu to add a picture of a plant- Greg calls it a moment.
Those are probably what you are looking for- when I click on my plants, I see a slide show (like IG stories) of past “moments “ I have posted of my plants. Is this helping?
@Somelady I will give it a try. Thank you so much!

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