Posted 4M ago by @Makkyyybrooke

Should I put these little guys in soil?

I had to move my grow light from these guys so Iā€™m trying to decide to find them a new spot or plant them? There is a small amount of roots but the underwater leaves are new??? #PropagationStation #NewGrowth
0ft to light, indirect
5ā€ pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
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If that plant was mine, i would leave it in the water, for a while. Just to give it more time for developing the roots. Thinking like: bigger, stronger roots - better chance for surviving later, when the time for planting comes.
But thats just my opinion, you can plant it right now but be careful with watering in the beginning.
Happy propagation! :)
Just leave it in the water to grow more roots :)