Posted 1M ago by @VitalPalmgrass

Why is dying change soil and pot got the soil moisture me...

Last watered 5 days ago
How much sun is it receiving that could be the problem
Also the new pot could be part of the problem according to your profile on them they have no drainage holes something Philodendron Birkins need/like. It also would do better with a better draining soil
It. Definitely needs drainage and a nice airy, well draining potting mix. I would check the roots to see if there is any damage or even some root rot. Snip off the bad bits and repot into a better mix and a pot with drainage.
Have you checked for pests?
It’s a Calathea. They are difficult and like to fuss. They need misted to keep the humidity up.
That looks like a calathea. What type of water are you using? They don't like tap water, instead use rain or distilled.
The first pic is a Rose calathea not a Philodendron Birkin. So I’m confused which plant are you referring to?