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For those that live in the U.K. Does anyone know when to ...

11” pot with drainage
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check your first average frost date and keep an eye on the weather. Personally I would bring it in rather than cutting and wrapping.
@WayoutRanch Thank you for the advice there. Unfortunately the plant has turned into a bit of a beast so can’t actually lift it anymore lol. I’ve heard that people cut the leaves off and then wrap the stem in good fleece ready for the winter. Apparently it starts regrowing where it left off before winter
I have a giant plant as well! it is very cumbersome to bring in and out, I understand your difficulty. One of the Greg app admins cuts and wraps his banana trees. I think it was on a #dogsofgreg post #banana #bananatree... maybe we can find it.
@surprisesalsa look I found it... #backyardbananas that post would be a good place to ask! 😁
@WayoutRanch Thank you so much for that. I’ve just joined the group there. They’re just the most amazing plants aren’t they banana plantsπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
@Shaan I'm not in England and don't have any bananas, however I used to know someone that did have them. Since that was in California, weather was not much of an issue in general.
He would protect for frost, as necessary, and the one year that we had a deep freeze overnight he bundled them well using straw. Mainly it was protection from anything possible frost. As long as he had no threat of extreme cold (for the region) he let things be.
Just keep watch on the weather and protect as needed.
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