Posted 1Y ago by @UnbiasedNeslia

Hi, I bought this plant a bit ago and it was thriving and...

5” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
is it just the flowers? it’s normal for flowers to die off when they’re done blooming. if the leaves are ok i wouldn’t be too concerned, she will bloom again for you in the future as long as you’re caring for her correctly- google says these guys are perennials :)
@UnbiasedNeslia Welcome to Greg first of all. @strawberrymoon is πŸ’― correct.
Welcome to Greg, Mattas! Your plant looks like a Gerbera Daisy. You can see what people are saying about them by going to the #Gerbera community.

The flowers don't last long, but they are pretty for a while.

Here in zone 7b, those plants are usually found outside. I think they do better with lots of sun.
Yeah idk why it told me it wasn’t a Gerbera on here cuz that’s what it says it was when I bought it . Thank you all!