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Any one have any experience growing holly in a container?
I have a very small outdoor patio space, and I have been wanting to clean it up and put some plants out there, but my experience with outdoor containers is limited (I grew up on a small farm and so we were “plant directly into the ground” people. I grew up with a holly on the shady side of our house, and my birthday is in December so I always felt a bit of affinity for it. Plus it is an evergreen that can make my outside pretty even when all of the other plants are inside. I know that holly needs to stay outdoors to properly grow and overwinter. What I don’t know is if it is possible in a container because it is so exposed to the elements. Any insight is much appreciated!
I don’t have any experience but I think you would be fine planting it in a pot. Hollys are pretty normal trees so they don’t need any weird wacky requirements. You will need two trees of the opposite sex though or it won’t berry
@PlantyPlanter I mainly worry about getting sufficient water in containers (problems with freezing with such little soil and being above ground) while temperatures are in the 0-32 degrees Fahrenheit range (zone 7A).
oh we can weatherproof anything Malorie. For example the #BackyardGreenhouse before the mega freeze
@RJG so what I am hearing is turn this space into one greenhouse. :3
I am 100% in
But also we can definitely shield the pot if it comes to that!
@RJG it might be easier to convince my partner to shield a pot than build a greenhouse. But I will work on them. 😉

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