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I’m having trouble posting questions. I get a message “failed to post”. If you see this obviously I can post this question, but not the one I’ve tried several times. What am I missing? Plz see my reply for my problem question.
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@TruthfulApricot Ive been ignoring Greg’s recommended amount of water for most of my plants and snoozing the watering reminders until Greg picks up on the schedule i want.

For plants in well draining soil, I water fully. Plants in gritty mix soak in a bowl of water for a few minutes. For plants in soil that holds on to water, Ive been doing what Greg suggests
Greg recommends I add a defined amount of water to my plants every so many days, such as 1oz./7days. Most of my research recommends I fully water, fully drain, and wait until fully dry to drench again. (I use a very well draining gritty mix.) These two options are quite different. Do you follow the Greg recommendation or some version of the drench, drain, dry system? Something else?
I make sure to treat the soil to see if a plant needs watering. I bottom water #buttchug almost all of my plants and and basically follows Greg's watering recommendations.
@Sassylimey So if you’re to add 2 oz. every 7 days you add the recommended water to the tray? (Of course modified by with how dry your plant actually is.)
I measure the suggested amount for each plant and butt chug them for about 20 minutes then let them drain in my kitchen sink basket for about 2 hours before potting them back in their locations
I don't like to to water plants because it can encourage soil gnats and fungus gnats especially if the top of the soil is pretty wet
@ivysaur I’ve had to snooze too and adjust amounts. Just this week Gregg wanted me to water some that were still moist.

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