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Monstera adinsonii new leaves not unfurling
If you look at the new leaf on the bottom right, you'll notice the leaf to be wrinkly and not yet fully unfurled. This has happened for the past 3 leaf growths and it ends up browning and falling.

What can be the reason for this? Appreciate any suggestions
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Too much sun?
But it hardly receives any direct sunlight
The temperature here is around 20Β°C - 28Β°C
You can help the leaves unfurl by lightly misting it when you remember or think about it!
The most common reason for delayed leaf unfurling is lack of humidity, but it can also be a lack of patience on your end. I say that from experience. Solution: Supplement with a room humidifier. If there's still no change, double-check the lighting and the temperatures that the plant is being exposed to.
For my plants that hav trouble unfurling. I stick it into greenhouse cabinet. High humidity is your best friend
Is that yellowing pattern spreading to other leaves because unfortunately adansonii can get mosaic virus easily. I pics I posted is one I found off the internet, it looks like beautiful variegation but it a incurable virus, I’d def keep it away from other plants and monitor it, I hope it’s not the virus good luck!

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