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#GoldenPothos Caring tips
I recently got myself a #GoldenPothos , I placed him on the top of my bookshelf as I want the vines to flow down the shelves later on. Has anyone tried this? This won’t harm or kill my plant right? #Newbie #NewPlantMom #firstplant #indoorplant #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HangingPlants
7ft to light, indirect
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
This is a great way to grow pothos plants and is absolutely not harmful to the plant. They're trailing plants, so it's a great way to utilize their foliage to decorate the space as well. I have a few of mine with leaves trailing down from various shelves, and it helps make the space look so much fuller!
Pothos are very very easy to care for and love vining! I love to put them in more harder to each place since they are so vocal about their needs! You don’t even have to check the soil to see if they are thirsty! They’ll tell ya, I’d recommend watering when you see the leaves curl in then give it a really really through drink, then she’ll park right up the next day! Easy as that! Lemme know if that was helpful or if you have any more questions! οΏΌ
No problem ;-)
Nope - and she is gorgeous btw!
i have one of mine hanging down from the corner of a bookcase right now and it loves it! yours should be very happy. πŸ™‚
Thank you everyone for all of this useful information and for being so sweet . Now I’m excited to see my pothos grow . πŸ€©πŸ’•
@ShielaC yes pothos are trailing plants. Yours looks real healthy and it will do very well there. Here is my 2 year old Potho. I wrapped it so it can grow upwards.
@KikisOasis yours is really pretty too🀩 now I am inspired to get one more & try to do the same .
Yes! Pothos are very versatile. I have some that are vined and have long tendrils hanging down from a high shelf on my bookcase, and others that are trellised, and another that just is chillin’ existing as is.

Depending on how you’re growing them they will adapt. Like in kristy’s with the pole they will eventually grow roots to attach to the surface and climb.
thanks @MeganO , I am now excited to grow my pothos and hopefully get more if this first one works out just fine . 🀩πŸ₯°
@ShielaC I have 4 pothos in my house and love them. Thank you. They are such a joy to have around.
@KikisOasis πŸ€©πŸ’• wow they all look so beautiful and healthy.
Just started my pathos journey. Cannot wait to see it thrive. Your plant photos are amazing & inspiring.
What type of pole do you have in your pot?
@ShielaC thank you so much. Two are under a grow light and the others are getting bright indirect sunlight.
@ImpishRedhill it’s a moss pole. I use them in my Monsteras as well.
@ImpishRedhill here’s a better picture of them.
i think the best place to put a pothos is high up. also it looks like a mustache πŸ˜„
I have one way up on top of my kitchen cabinets.
@fishribs true, i love your imagination girl! ☺️😁
I used to have one on top of a bookshelf in a pretty dark spot and it grew super long, trailing down the sides of the shelf. They’re super easy to grow. ☺️ My current pothos is in a pot on the ground and I’m trying to get it to grow upwards along a wall with some adhesive plant clips.

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