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Can anyone help me identify this cactus!! I got is as a gift but the person had no idea either! Thanks! #Cactus #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Cacti #CactusClique #
maybe some kind of cereus ? What do you think @SirLiquorice
That’s spectacular! 🌵🌵🌵 that’s one that I’m finding that looks similar @RJG
Could also be a Matucana of some type maybe? There’s 20 different types. Almost looks like a gymnoclaycium or a Matucana or hybrid of both. Once it gets flowers you’ll be able to identify it easier. Or just send it to me and I will try to identify it for 10 years or more . Lol. It looks really cool I don’t have one like that. It’s definitely not dehydrated either it has a lot of water stored in it’s body.
Not sure if the previous owner of the cactus mentioned this, but did the cactus ever flower for them? If so do they have pics? That would help me narrow down the search a little. But I’m leaning towards a gymnoclaycium of some type very possibly
The spines are different but the body shape is very similar to this gymnoclaycium. But still different so I am thinking it might be a gymnoclaycium but I don’t know what type
There’s about 70 types of gymnoclaycium is the problem
This is one I just got that’s a obviously a different gymnoclaycium than yours, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in the same family
The Matucana looks similar in some pics but much different in others. But once it flowers you be able to tell much easier as you can see because of the different flower types
@SirLiquorice thanks!! Gosh there’s so many different types :o 😂unfortunately he only got it that day and has no idea what it was when he got it 😭 I guess we’ll see when it flowers! Thanks so much for your help 🤩

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