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I think my Dracaena accidental prop is ready to be placed in soil! I know something “well draining” is good but I was thinking like a tropical soil mix and some pearlite? I feel like my indoor plant soil is too dense. What do you all think plant fam? #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PLANTMAFIA #PropagationStation #Propagation #Dracaena
2” pot without drainage
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I tried miracle gro tropical mix and found it too dense. The soil compacted and my Dracaena wasn't happy. I repotted with a Miracle grow cactus palm and citrus mix and bam, recovered within 2 weeks.
@AshleyK I would use a well draining soil and add some perlite to it to help with irrigation. Also the rule of thumb for roots is 2 to 3 inches before planting.
I agree with @didikillit and @KikiGoldblatt! Definitely need something well draining for the soil because dracaenas hate wet feet. And I would wait just a liiiiiiittle bit longer before putting your prop into soil. The roots need to be just a tad bit longer!
@didikillit I have some of that !
@KikiGoldblatt @saatwood ah okay I was thinking this weekend I’ll see how much more it grows! I to like the look of it in water!
I’ve honestly been potting everything in cactus mix with added perlite and orchard bark just because I have a fear of being compact and rot 😅
@AshleyK I live in Chicago and I have been trying to grow Giant Sequoia trees which are extremely picky about fast draining soil and root rot. These things begin dying within hours if the soil isn't right. Anyways, the best soil I've tried to date is a fast draining soil that I ship in from Oregon. Here's a link at the bottom. I also have four Dracaena, two Monkey Puzzle, a Norfolk Island Pine, a dawn redwood and a few others that all use this soil and they love it as a base. For my Dracaena I recently experimented with adding some torpedo sand, and perlite, also a little calcined clay, lava rock, charcoal, and whatever else you fancy. The more extra things I add the more perlite I use, and it makes a really nice composite mixture. In fact, I actually made one mixture that drains way too fast and I water a little more often because of it. This is just one by suggestion, I'm sure there's hundreds more, but as soon as I started using this, my root rot my problem disappeared and my Dracaena are growing nicely.
Thank you! I’ll check it out!
@Mrgncrch yeah the cactus mix is my favorite!

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