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What to do! What to do!
1st picture is todays kayos. My poor string of bananas had a rough life. Just recently fell from ceiling hook and has toppled of my window sill a few times. Now it’s not looking good and I have it taken apart trying to figure if I’m planting in soil? Hydroponics/water in container. I recently purchased hydroponic mix set up from a suggested place on Greg but not sure if succulents like it. #StringOfBananas #HappyPlants #PropagationStation #SucculentLove #BeforeAndAfter #SpringIntoSummer
Ok I got it back in the soil with extra clay pebbles, pumice and sprinkled with worm dirt. Grow baby grow. I’ll take don’t die.
Yeah just watch it closely now. It will probably recover
It looks sooo skinny. It seems like it doesn’t get enough bright light.
@vvvelo I had it before in two different windows. I had it in a window with direct early am sunlight. It seemed@to do ok but than it started declining. Thought the bright East facing window was too much and I am always cautious about watering. So I cleaned it up the first time second pictures and then moved it to a NE facing window that gets direct early am sunlight. Then it’s hanging basket fell from the ceiling (1st picture) I have it back in the NE window with a little bit of direct sunlight. It had toppled out so many so many times it was barely in the dirt and few to small roots🤞

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