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How should I encourage growth on my pothos plant?
It's growing some new leaves which is great! But how do I encourage it to grow length wise?
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When pothos are happy, they grow a lot! I keep mine in my bathroom, where it is always bright but no direct light ever shines on it. It seems to appreciate the steam from the shower, although pothos will grow without it just fine. I also put mine into the shower and let lukewarm water spray on it to clean dust off of its leaves. I have mine in a large terra cotta pot because I’m really a succulent girl, and I’m a huge fan of terra cotta because it breathes. My pothos slowed its growth dramatically when its pot became too small, and going to this larger pot helped. I personally don’t want my pothos to take over my bathroom, so when it gets long enough to touch the countertop, I trim it and give the ends to friends to propagate. It roots stupidly easy in water, which is awesome! You can put these back in the original pot to make it fuller if you ever want to. To get it to grow longer, just make it happy, and it will! Be sure it gets enough light, or as it grows long, it will lose leaves near the base of the plant, and you’ll just have long sad bare stems with only leaves at the ends.
This gal is LUSH 🥰
@Jana85 Omg it's gorgeous! I can't keep it in my bathroom because of younger siblings but if I put it by a humidifier do you think it would have the same effect? I think I'll bring it in the bathroom with me in the morning when I shower though!
@rynn0 I don’t think they require high humidity, so it’s not a deal breaker. I’ve had this in several rooms in my house and it always survived, but this bathroom is where it’s happiest. I think it likes that a window is about 3 feet away, and the sun keeps the room bright but never shines directly on this plant (because of the angle of the sun).

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