Posted 3M ago by @ExpertTearose

Hey all, I watered my plant exactly a month ago, soil is ...

1ft to light, direct
3โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I'm not sure what I'm looking at?! But if you think it's a pest then you can use a Qtip and clean the cactus with rubbing alcohol and do the whole leaf.
I have a few bunny Ears, I dont see anything wrong with it but stressing it out not going to helping much. Can u please explain what u think is wrong with it. It may want some water though
These are my bunny ears urs looks like my midle one but everything looks fine to me mine stay inside with grownlight though there yellow on it is part if them
Thanks for the responses, I waited a few days to see what's gonna happen, that yellow ear folded more and when I tried to examine it with my hands it fell. I smelled something new for a few moments but everything else is the same.

I used those sticky traps to see if I can find some pest, but there's none. Not sure why I lost that ear but I'll try cleaning the leaves with peroxide and qtip and see.