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Crispy girl

Hi everyone. You’re probably going to facepalm this - but our potted rose bush has suddenly gone super crispy. Every single leaf. And seems death is imminent 😞
She is in a self watering pot and occasionally I water through the soil too. She survived the winter and now that it’s warming up - I’m afraid I’ve done something wrong … any advice or info super appreciated!
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
That is a drastic change - how long of a period did this take to transpire? Did it happen directly after watering or misting? Are you certain the self watering pot is still performing as expected?
Thanks for the quick reply @GaryPoopins (love that handle btwπŸ˜…) so it’s gone crispy super quickly - over the course of this week. We got one anomalous day of heat last week which is what spurred my suspicion. No change in watering habits, no misting ever, we have avg humid climate here, bought her in the self watering pot and has been well in it through bloom last summer and all through the winter (here in S hemisphere)
Maybe it’s the horrible view out of those windows in the background 😍? I know you referenced abnormal heat - does the plant sit indoors or out? I’m at a loss - tagging in @PlantMompy for a possible suggestion on this one.
Hmmmm. I know sudden extreme heat or cold can trigger dormancy but indoors I wouldn't expect it as much.

How does the soil feel? Dry leaves usually means dry soil but based on what you said that seems unlikely.
@GaryPoopins maybe - she has a view of a few thriving orchids next door? Some plants can’t choose but to live in an apartment block… certainly not the ocean front lifestyle it hasπŸ˜… No this isn’t her normal spot - its indoors, always, a easterly facing windowsil from our bedroom that gets 3hours morning direct sun. Thanks for trying anyway
@PlantMompy nope completely moist and it never stopped being so - in fact what confused me most was that the wick was still in water when I noticed her leaves going crispy…. Thanks for the reply @PlantMompy
Did you move her location before or after the crisping? Also, how do the stems feel?

Also, it's definitely a stumper so I'll throw a few more things out and you can shoot them down as needed πŸ˜‚

-you said the weather changed, is there a new AC source that could have been blowing on her "suddenly"?
-did you check for pests (idk how it could be so bad so fast, but I can't not ask)
Haha all good @PlantMompy - just grateful for the assistance. No the move was after. And unrelated (we are doing renovations in that room now)
Stems feel ok at the moment - still firm and bendy.
No aircon in our part of the world. Pests I have not actually considered - I didn’t notice anything while staring at her in confusion- but will do that asap after work!
Keep us posted and I'll keep brainstorming!
So I just checked for pests and clean as a whistle. However I noticed what I think is new growth? Which makes this even weirder πŸ˜‚
100% new growth - many new little nodes under the dying stems. Spent the morning picking off the dead ones. Some have even opened out into new little red leaves
It lives!! @PlantMompy unbelievable regrowth
AMAZING! I wonder if it did just have some really fast form of dormancy or something.

She is STUNNING! I am so glad you kept waiting to see what happened. Thank you for keeping me posted!
Hopefully it also means she is ready to flower again soon. Thank you staying tuned πŸ™ 😊