Posted 2w ago by @Plantoasis

Why’s my look like it’s molding?
Best Answer
@WickedValkyrie has it dead on. It won't hurt your plant but it's just because the soil is holding a little too much moisture.

Prolonged in this state it could harm the plant. If you water with some hydrogen peroxide it will knock the mold right out
Because it is. Lol White mold won't hurt your plant, but it's likely growing because your soil is staying moist too long.
Yeah actually now that I zoomed in your stems are looking a bit mushy too... You may want to get it out of that waterlogged soil and into some fresh stuff. 🖤
@RJG how much hydrogen peroxide should I use?
@Plantoasis You actually can use straight hydrogen peroxide but maybe do 50/50 peroxide water and see if that takes it out !

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